Startup Customer Stories: SkyHive Uses Exponential Technology to Prepare the Workforce of Tomorrow

CEO and Founder Sean Hinton founded SU Portfolio Company SkyHive with the mission to proactively prepare for the demands of tomorrow’s labor market while also fostering a more equitable, prosperous, and diverse workforce. SkyHive combats unemployment and underemployment through the use of exponential technologies, and it has already proved to be life-changing for thousands of people.

At its core, SkyHive digitizes Sean’s discovery, called quantum labor analysis, an AI application to analyze a workforce or labor market at its most granular level. The platform leverages a competency-based job matching methodology that applies deep learning and machine learning to improve efficiencies in the acquisition, advancement, and retention of human capital. By doing this, SkyHive has revamped how employers can find and retain talent, as well as how job seekers are matched with relevant opportunities.

Read this case study to learn how SkyHive is helping underrepresented groups to access career pathways and employment opportunities.

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Learn more about the SU programs featured in the case study:

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“During the Exponential Foundations Program, SU was able to help me take my big idea—that 20-year and 50-year vision—and then work it backwards, so that I could build a company that made sense today, yet which could continue scaling towards an even bigger vision in the future.”— SkyHive CEO, Sean Hinton