Enterprise Customer Stories: Rotoplas Creates a New Electro-Oxidation Process Making Water an Abundant Resource

Mexico City-based Grupo Rotoplas is the leading provider of individual and integrated water solutions in the Americas. The company has a 40-year track record as a pioneer in the development of storage, conduction, and treatment of water.

The company identified a big problem—and opportunity—around septic systems, and through a 2015 California Water Challenge co-sponsored by Singularity University (SU) and the California Governor’s Office, Rotoplas found the solution it needed in an innovative startup, Sanzfield Technologies.

Read this case study to learn how a new joint venture was formed to bring exponential water technologies to market, and how Grupo Rotoplas, working with SU, is building an innovative prototype to turn water scarcity into abundance while also revealing new opportunities for corporate growth.

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“SU helped me to think big. It changed my mindset to become more ambitious, to think exponentially by opening my mind to the possibilities of what is possible. I saw first-hand startups that were growing 10x and were disrupting whole industries and the status quo.”— Ernesto Rodriguez Leal, Head of Innovation at Rotoplas