Ebooks: The Roadmap to Renewable Energy

Cleaner, more affordable, and more sustainable energy is the future

The energy sector is a vital part of the global economy and a key to building a sustainable future. From a historical focus on productivity and profits, the tide is turning slowly toward responsible and renewable energy production to support increasing global energy demands. Exponential advances in technology are helping us to create cleaner, more sustainable energy sources, production, and storage methods.

In this ebook, we’ll share some of the most compelling next-generation innovations that inventors, scientists, and entrepreneurs around the world are working on in wind, solar, and storage.

What’s inside?

Inside this ebook, you will learn about the major trends and technological innovations that are radically reshaping the energy sector, including:

  • How free-falling costs are helping solar become the cheapest form of energy
  • When 60% of the world’s energy capacity might come from renewables
  • Why wind power usage has increased 10x in recent years
  • The promising new battery technologies that enable energy independence

Download Singularity University’s ebook, The Roadmap to Renewable Energy, to learn about the radical changes and mind-bending technologies that will power our world in the future.

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The Roadmap to Renewable Energy