Impact in Action

Over the next 30 years, we will encounter some of the greatest transitions that any generation has ever had to face. Technological disruption is affecting every part of our lives…every business, every industry, every society. We believe that by leveraging exponential technologies, we have the opportunity to solve humanity’s biggest challenges. That’s what we call impact.

At Singularity University, we are working to facilitate a future of endless possibilities that is free from global problems. We believe that by catalyzing an exponentially transformed, engaged, and activated community of inspired solvers, startups, corporations, development organizations, governments, academic institutions, and investors, we can better address systemic problems we face globally today.

SU was created to enable everyone to create exponential impact together… someone, somewhere is hoping for the positive impact you can bring to the world!

Our Impact Strategy

SU uses a methodology called the Theory of Change (ToC) to map out our strategy for impact. It helps us understand, in a very tangible way, how we make impact in the world, and directs our efforts and resources toward activities of highest impact. The ToC breaks down business goals and activities into four segments: inputs, outputs, outcomes, and impact.


Inputs are everything we do: our programs and initiatives that attract people to our community, transform their lives, enable them with tools and skills, and finally scale our mission globally.


Outputs are the people we educate and transform. They are the amazing individuals from companies, startups, governments, academia, investment, and NGOs who go out into the world and improve it every day.

Our Community


Outcomes are the actions these people take, in the name of bettering our future. We call these outcomes “impact initiatives” and encourage every member of our community to find a pathway that works for them.



Impact is the measurable change those outcomes bring about in people’s lives by providing basic needs, significantly improving quality of life, and mitigating existential risk in the global grand challenge categories.

Track our Progress

Impact Initiatives

SU’s direct impact is through the educational programs and content that we provide to bring about exponential and abundant mindsets. As a result, our key measure of success is through the impact initiatives the SU community creates as evidence of their transformation.

SU tracks six types of impact initiatives:

  • New companies
  • Business innovation
  • Research and development
  • Policy creation/change
  • Education and awareness
  • Resource mobilization


  • Leverage exponential technology
  • Have potential to impact billions of lives
  • Address a global grand challenge

How We Measure and Report Impact

We’re constantly learning and experimenting with new ways to accurately measure and report impact in a rapidly changing world. Our online dashboard shows a live visualization of the data we collect, always available and always transparent. And our annual Impact Reports and Benefit Corporation Reports provide a handy reference to the work we’re doing and our adherence to state Benefit Corporation guidelines. We keep improving the data we collect as well as the impact metrics we can report on, and hope to be a model to others trying to create measurable impact.

View the Impact Dashboard

View our Annual Benefit Corporation Reports

Track Our Progress Toward Impact

See the impact that our community is having on the world

Our 2020 Goals

Our short-term goals that relate to our 5-year plan (and current results) are:


countries and territories participated


educated through our programs


impact initiatives reported

Fostering Impact

We are building a global community that positively impacts billions of lives. That audacious vision can’t be achieved without providing support and recognition for impact everywhere we see it, and by equipping a new generation to shape the future in ways we haven’t yet dreamed.

Impact Challenge for California

Our home state of California has a spirit of innovation. We embrace that spirit in an annual Impact Challenge, co-sponsored by a partner in the State of California, that frames a global challenge within a local context. The competition is open to anyone in the world and rewards highly scalable and transferable ideas that have potential for global reach.

Global Grand Challenge Awards

To demonstrate the potential for exponential technologies to solve humanity’s global grand challenges and create a future of abundance, we’re putting the world’s most promising social impact technology companies in the SU spotlight. We teamed up with development organizations and companies like charity:water, American Red Cross, the United Nations Office of Information and Communications Technology, SAP, Genentech, and many others to identify and showcase companies with great potential for human and economic impact in all 12 GGC companies.

People talking and smiling


Activating the next generation is critical to achieving our impact goals. We’re working with partners around the world to develop hands-on experiences, global challenges, and deeply integrated curriculum that teaches an exponential mindset and empowers young people to tackle the challenges that stand in the way of creating an abundant future.

Join Our Global Community

Now that you’re aware of how we foster, measure, and report impact, we welcome you to join our community to find others who share your commitment to creating positive impact in the world!

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