Join Our Community and Help Create a Better Future

At Singularity University, we offer the mindset, skillset, and network that empower leaders to create positive impact around the world, but it’s the SingularityU community, not SU itself, that creates that impact. These dedicated leaders and changemakers are launching programs and projects in every corner of the world to tackle our world’s most persistent challenges. In addition to having a measurable impact, they’re also attracting even more people to our orbit.

If you’re interested in supporting our mission and joining our tribe but are unsure how to get started, the good news is that there are lots of options! Whether you want to read some great content, attend events, lead one of your own, or become a sponsor, we’ve got room for everyone regardless of your desired level of commitment or involvement.

If you’re already a fan and wish to deepen your connections with SU and our community, we can help you there, too! We urge you to create your profile in our community directory, as connecting with others in the community can help amplify your efforts and unlock exciting new ways to create impact. (Pro tip: Download our mobile app and connect with the SU community wherever you go!)

Wherever you are on your SU journey, here are some ways you can make our mission your own.

Read and Join

Visit Singularity Hub

Learn about and be inspired by the exponential technologies that are shaping our world.

Explore the Blog

Stay current on how our community is positively impacting the world.

Subscribe to our newsletters

Get a steady stream of amazing content about all things SU in your inbox.

Adopt our Credo

Declare that you’re committed to the values and principles of co-creating an abundant future.

Join our global community directory

Make connections with like-minded people across the globe.

Join a Chapter

Grow your professional network, find potential partners, and participate in local/regional impact activities.

Community Guidelines

How you can be your best as a member of our community.

Apply and Attend

Attend a Chapter event

Explore compelling topics around innovation and impact with fellow changemakers in your region. 

Participate in an Innovation Hub

Gather with others in building technology solutions with the potential to address our most persistent global challenges.

Attend a Summit

Explore the implications of rapidly accelerating technologies on industries like manufacturing, finance and medicine and your local region.

Enter a Global Impact Challenge

Share a great idea and potentially win a seat at the Global Solutions Program (GSP) to be empowered with the mindset, tools, knowledge, and skills for positively impacting 1 billion people.

Apply to an SU program

Explore the Global Startup Program, Executive Program, SU Ventures, and more, to see which best meet your needs.

Start your innovation journey

Transform your organization through our hands-on solutions at SU Labs.

Lead and Partner

Lead a Chapter

Support innovation in your region by helping to organize local and regional events, facilitate meaningful connections, and more. 

Host a SingularityU International Summit

Become an SU country partner to help grow awareness of exponential technologies, highlight game-changing startups both globally and regionally, and help build a regional community of innovators. 

Sponsor a Global Impact Challenge

Help identify outstanding entrepreneurs, leaders, scientists, and engineers with the potential to improve millions of lives locally and globally.

Sponsor a Program or Summit

Show that you’re committed to creating positive change that will positively impact billions of people around the world.

Launch an Innovation Hub

Create your region’s own version of Singularity University, including an accelerator program, maker facility, micro-factory, and community gathering space.

Become a SingularityU Country Partner

Introduce a culture of entrepreneurship, accelerate the innovation ecosystem, and strengthen the public sector in your region.

These should keep you busy for a little while! We hope you’re inspired to be exponential, join our community, and take action.