Our Path to Impact

From the beginning, our founders and leaders recognized the value of running a business with the sole purpose of creating positive impact. We were founded in 2008 as a 501(c)3 nonprofit, and operated that way until 2012, when California approved benefit corporation legislation.

On January 1st of that year, we were one of the very first companies in the state to file for Benefit Corporation status, believing that its combination of social responsibility with a for-profit business structure provided us the best way to innovate and scale our impact. Today, we are a certified benefit corporation, also called a B Corp, which means we are audited by an independent third party, B Labs, which confirms that our company actually operates with our people, planet, and purpose uppermost in mind. This audit includes an annual assessment of our processes and procedures as well as a deep look at how we conduct our work.

Being a B Corp is central to who we are at Singularity University. And we’re committed to the core mission behind the B Corp movement: using business as a force for good and defining success both in terms of revenue and social impact. In fact, we place a premium on igniting a massive transformative purpose over our bottom line. We’re continuing to find new and exciting ways to monitor, evaluate, and report on our commitment to creating positive impact in the world, and seek to be a model for others on their journey to creating measurable impact.

As we continue to accelerate our journey toward solving humanity’s grand challenges, we rely on the B Labs assessment tool and certification to help us track and measure the positive impact we’re creating in the world. Watch this space!

Reports and Certifications

Our B Lab Profile

2016 SU B Labs Certification Report

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2014 Report

FY 2014 SU California Benefit Corporation Report

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2015 Report

FY 2015 SU California Benefit Corporation Report

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2016 Report

FY 2016 SU California Benefit Corporation Report

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A Better Way of Scaling Impact

Why we became a Certified B Corporation

We are Committed to Diversity and Inclusion

To solve humanity’s biggest challenges, everyone must contribute

At Singularity University, we aim to empower leaders to apply exponential technologies in solving the world’s most urgent problems, but we know that in order to actualize that mission, fostering a diverse community is a must. We’re deeply committed to diversity and inclusion in every context: in our hiring, in our programs, and in our community.

Simply saying “everyone is welcome” isn’t enough. We continually ask ourselves, “Whose voice is missing from this discussion?” and “How can we create space for those voices?” We answer these questions every day, through our policies and our actions.

Learn more about how we demonstrate our commitment to diversity and inclusion:

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Innovation is Impossible Without Diversity

Diversity and inclusion are critical to innovation and the future of your organization. For one thing, they lead to better outcomes.

We are Working to Protect our Environment

We’re dedicated to creating an abundant future for everyone and to finding solutions to 12 global grand challenges. But we don’t stop there. As an organization, we also take it upon ourselves to create an environmentally sustainable world, and serve as a role model to others, by applying sustainable best practices across all of our operations.

As good stewards of the environment, we strive to:

  • Integrate sustainable environmental practices into our business activities and decision making processes
  • Leverage exponential technologies where possible to continually minimize any negative environmental impact of our operations, both on our own campus and wherever we do business around the world
  • Nurture an environmentally conscious culture where employees and faculty members feel responsible for protecting the environment
  • Commit to eliminate waste through reuse and recycling where alternatives are economical and sustainable
  • Promote efficient use of materials and prioritize the use of renewable resources, both in our own facility and throughout our global programming
  • Maintain a clean and healthy work environment that is free of hazardous products and waste
  • Purchase and use environmentally friendly goods and services from vendors who share our commitment to a healthy planet
  • Communicate our environmental values to our partners, stakeholders, and supply chain through our policies and our actions

Prosperity and growth are no longer measured only by wealth and revenue generated, but also by the rate at which new solutions to humanity’s challenges are created and become widely available.